Read Along Public Service Announcement

The Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along was so much fun that I’m in for book two – Red Seas Under Red Skies. Scott Lynch, somewhat new to me author and new book crush. Really, hand to god truth. Andrea at the Little Red Reviewer is co- hosting again with @ohthatashely, Dark Cargo, Lynn’s Book Blog, and My Awful Reviews (Thanks co-hosts!) and here’s the schedule. We start reading April 20th. Want more info, go here.

Week 1 – Beginning thru end of Chapter 3, discussion questions go out April 26, posts go up April 28.
Week 2 – Reminiscence “The Lady of the Glass Pylon” thru end of Chapter 6, discussion questions go out May 3, posts go up May 5.
Week 3 – Chapter 7 thru end of Chapter 10, discussion questions go out May 10, posts go up May 12.
Week 4 – Chapter 11 thru end of chapter 13, discussion questions go out May 17, posts go up May 19.
Week 5 – Chapter 14 to the end, discussion question go out May 24, posts go up May 26.

Now go. Get your book.

For the curious, I’ll have a review of The Lies of Locke Lamora up next week, or soon anyway. When I get my act together. Let’s go with that.


3 thoughts on “Read Along Public Service Announcement

  1. I’m co-hosting with blogger buddies @ohthatashley, DarkCargo, Lynn’s Book Blog and My Awful Reviews. I just organize the monster, they do all the herding!

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