About Just Book Reading

I’m a reader. A reader with crazy eclectic taste in books — one day I could be knee deep in a fantasy novel and then move on to a political thriller next.

I read classics and new releases and I also re-read books I loved with the intention of finding out if I still feel the same love for them. I also tend to peruse the bookcases every once in a while and come up with something I bought years ago and haven’t read yet. So, yes, electric is a good description of my reading habits.

Please note: As of January 2013, I am no longer accepting books for review. If you sent me an email and didn’t response, this is the reason. Please don’t take it personally. Thanks for understanding.

A note about the photo — the above photo is a pile of my personal books, my old blog pic, and now my blog icon.  Just in case you were curious.


The books I review on this site are chosen by me. They are part of my personal collection or have been borrowed from the library or a friend. A few books are advance reader copies which I have requested for review. All books are tagged so readers know the origin of the book.

I also do reviews voluntarily for a website called The Book Reporter. Some of the books I receive from The Book Reporter are advance reader copies and are marked as such. I also mark these reviews as Book Reporter reviews.

I do not accept payment for any of the reviews on this site. All advance reader copies received are reviewed with the understanding that I will be posting an honest review and nothing more. I have not been paid to express positive critique about any of the books or topics on this blog.