Reading out of order

I intensely dislike reading books in a series out of order. Yet, I do it all the time. A reasonable person might ask me why I do this. Well, there are many reasons, some good, some bad, but what they almost all result in are happy accidents. By accidents I mean more books being added to the TBR.

My last out of order read was Hunting Price Dracula by Kerri Maniscalo. It was a great book. Fun, entertaining to the last page, interesting characters, a wonderfully creepy setting (a castle in Romania) with dead people, some of which are thought to be vampires. As a Dracula fan, a fascination with castles, and a desire to visit Romania, this was a perfect fit for me. So you might be wondering why and where I see a problem? Truthfully, there’s not a problem. The only issue is that this isn’t the first book featuring these characters. Stalking Jack the Ripper is the first.

Hunting Prince Dracula stood on its own for a second book in a series. The characters, clearly developed, took on a new adventure with ease, the setting was perfect and creepy, and I was more than happy when I finished this book. But. Yes, dear reader, a but. I wanted to know more about the characters. How they developed their saucy looks and lovely banter, why they were traveling to a castle in Romania together and their history. I missed that because I didn’t read the first book where that played out.

Is this really a problem? No. It’s not. Unless you’re a reader! And a reader who likes to read books in order! Then, yes, it’s a problem.

So, how did I end up in this predicament? I have a ginormous wish list on my library app. (I use Overdrive if you’re curious.) I found the book on Instagram and added it to my list. And I noticed it was a series so I added the first book too. I then decided I wanted to read these books and put holds on both, hopeful they would arrive on the same day and I could read my weekend away.

That didn’t happen. When Hunting Price Dracula arrived, I remembered I wanted to read this one and did. I forgot there was a first book, which is still on my holds list.

What I do know is that when Stalking Jack the Ripper arrives, I’ll devour it happily. I hope that happens before Escaping from Houdini makes it off the waitlist and puts me one step back. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll read whatever book arrives.


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