Reviews & Ratings

What I read: historical fiction, general fiction, fantasy, science fiction, thriller, mystery, romance, horror (at my discretion), young adult, and paranormal.

What I don’t read: biography, memoir, religious based books, or erotica.

My previous ratings system (pertains to older reviews): It’s very simple — a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. Basically it comes down to a I didn’t care for it to a very high I loved this book rating. It’s far from scientific but I find it works for me.

Did Not Finish

1 – I didn’t care for it but it could be perfect for you.

2 – OK, but I probably won’t re-read it.

3 – Good, I liked it and will read more by this author.

4 – Great, I’ll be recommending it.

5 – Fabulous. I loved this book and will be re-reading it.

Please remember, this is only one person’s opinion, mine in fact, so keep that in mind when looking at the ratings. We all have different tastes.

In 2013, I’ll no longer be using the ratings system. If I like a book, I’ll tell you. If it’s not for me, I’ll tell you that too. As I move forward five years later, I’m going to go with this same idea but I’m leaving this information here for older reviews.

Please note: As of January 2013, I am no longer accepting books for review. If you sent me an email and didn’t get response, this is the reason. Please don’t take it personally. Thanks for understanding.

I also do reviews for The Book Reporter. You can read by reviews on their site and will probably see a few re-caps on this blog too.

Please note, I will try to read and review in a timely manner but be patient as life does sometimes get in the way of a good book.


The books I review on this site are chosen by me. They are part of my personal collection or have been borrowed from the library or a friend. A few books are advanced reader’s copies which I have requested for review. All books are tagged so readers know the origin of the book.

I also do reviews voluntarily for a website called The Book Reporter. Some of the books I receive from The Book Reporter are advanced reader’s copies and are marked as such. I also mark these reviews as Book Reporter reviews.

I do not accept payment for any of the reviews on this site. All advanced reader’s copies received are reviewed with the understanding that I will be posting an honest review and nothing more. I have not been paid to express positive critique about any of the books or topics on this blog.