Why I Love My Neighborhood Bookstore

As I was home waiting for the plumber to arrive and fix the annoying leak in the bathroom, I realized it was Tuesday. Yes, I know, nothing special about that but it just so happens that today is the day I can buy 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami!

When said leak was fixed, I took a stroll (OK, I walked very fast) to my neighborhood bookstore, Kramerbooks, and spied my new book sitting pretty in a stack. Dropping manners, I stepped in front of a woman and grabbed my copy. She was gracious especially after she saw the stupid look I had on my face with new book in hand. And, I apologized. Then this conversation followed and this is why I love my bookstore. And, yes, I always refer to it as mine even though other people clearly shop there.

“Happy?” asks a store employee who obviously saw me almost run down another customer to grab my copy.

“Oh, yes,” I say while lovingly caressing the cover of my new book. “So, happy.”

I giggle, he giggles. The world is such a happy place with books.


6 thoughts on “Why I Love My Neighborhood Bookstore

  1. Yes it is 😀 Enjoy the book! I really love Murakami, but I still have some of his back catalogue to read so I’m waiting a bit before I pick up the new one.

  2. I have a lot of his back catalogue to read too… but I didn’t wait before I bought it. Of course I’m being completely bizarre and making myself wait for the US copy rather then getting the UK version.

    I’m not sure whether to jump ahead and read 1Q84 or read one of his others… or re-read The Wind up Bird Chronicle, or Kafka as they were my first Murakami’s and perhaps although they are the reason I love his, I missed out a lot because they were my first.

    I have many of his books and I keep having a ‘feeling’ for one just not sure which one. I read Hear the Wind Sing, which was his first I believe and really good. I want to read Pinball (which I have as an ebook) so I can re-read The Wild Sheep Chase because that book caused me to have a headache.

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