Why I Love My Neighborhood Bookstore

As I was home waiting for the plumber to arrive and fix the annoying leak in the bathroom, I realized it was Tuesday. Yes, I know, nothing special about that but it just so happens that today is the day I can buy 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami!

When said leak was fixed, I took a stroll (OK, I walked very fast) to my neighborhood bookstore, Kramerbooks, and spied my new book sitting pretty in a stack. Dropping manners, I stepped in front of a woman and grabbed my copy. She was gracious especially after she saw the stupid look I had on my face with new book in hand. And, I apologized. Then this conversation followed and this is why I love my bookstore. And, yes, I always refer to it as mine even though other people clearly shop there.

“Happy?” asks a store employee who obviously saw me almost run down another customer to grab my copy.

“Oh, yes,” I say while lovingly caressing the cover of my new book. “So, happy.”

I giggle, he giggles. The world is such a happy place with books.