The Sunday Salon

Yesterday was an offline day for me. Hubby and I went for a long walk through the park, had a quiet lunch in the neighborhood, and even did a little book shopping. Once home, I claimed a spot on the couch and finished two books — A Crimson Warning by Tasha Alexander and Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Both good books I’m happy to report. Neverwhere was particularly good, but then again, I’ve yet to find a book of Gaiman’s I haven’t enjoyed. I have yet to check my email and there’s something really, well, fun in that! I think I may designate Saturdays offline more often.

The readathon was yesterday too and once more I wasn’t able to participate. It seems to coincide with the weekend before I travel for work and I like to spend this weekend doing nothing but hanging out with the hubby and doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with work. If you were able to participate, how did it go? I have some catching up to do today on that front. I’m sure the twitterverse and my Google reader will be more than helpful in catching me up. Actually, I’m sort of scared to look at them… 🙂

Today’s going to be a short post for me. It’s a lovely fall day here and I’m feeling the need for another walk and some coffee. Happy Sunday.


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