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Have you ever felt this way — you finish a book you undeniably fell in love with and when the last page is finished, you sigh, reluctantly return it to the shelf, and then wonder what you’re going to read next knowing it isn’t going to live up to the just finished and loved book.  I think Time Travelers Never Die is suffering from this syndrome I will now term book love lag.  I picked this up after reading a book I really enjoyed and sort of felt bad for it in a way.  It was a new genre, which I thought might be helpful, but all it has me doing is wishing it were something different.

It may not sound like it but I am enjoying this book.  It’s good, it’s interesting, and it’s a book I’ve wanted to read.  Right now it’s going very slowly for me.  I know I’ll finish it because it’s fun reading and I like science fiction but I wish I had read it at a different time.  In the grand scheme, it’s not fair to Time Travelers Never Die but I guess it probably would have happened with whatever book I picked up.

Do you ever experience book love lag?


6 thoughts on “Today’s Book

  1. I definitely experience it. I get fussy, too, and sometimes I’ll start several books but none of them will be the one, even though I would have really enjoyed them if I’d read something else before I started.

  2. Happened to me just this morning. I finished an amazing book last night and started another this morning that just isn’t living up to my expectations. It’s not a bad book altogether, but the writing is a little uninviting. I probably should have taken a book break to savor the great book a little longer. I feel like I’m cheating.

  3. Oh, yeah, I get that. To prevent it, I almost always do a reread of a book I know I love, after I’ve just finished a book that blew me away. Like after I read Jane Eyre, I always read Rebecca, and that helps bring me down from the Mount Everest high of awesomeness that is Jane Eyre. :p

    • I’ll have to keep the re-read in mind for future situations. I also have to get my review up for Jane Eyre – Mount Everest high of awsomeness is so right!! I love it dearly.

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