What I’m Reading Today

I started Among Others by Jo Walton the other day. It took me a few pages to get into but I’m really enjoying it now. At first, I had trouble with the tone and the fact that I have no history on the characters with the exception of what Mori, the narrator and main character, offers up, which isn’t much. Somewhere in those first few chapters, more accurately dairy entries, I started to admire her for her reading choices — J.R.R. Tolkien, Ursula La Guin— and her love of the library. For a story I wasn’t sure I was going to finish, this book is ending stronger than it started for me.

Have you read this book? Thoughts?


I like it when an author surprises me

Stephen King has surprised me. I’m familiar with his work. In fact, I have certain expectations of his books. Every one of those expectation are good ones. His books have caused me sleepless nights — not because he scared me; he did that too — because I couldn’t stop reading. I devoured words racing to the end of each page, chapter, and eventually the end of the book knowing he wouldn’t let me down and knowing I had to know what would happen.

I’ll admit to being more familiar with his earlier books and I haven’t sampled the Dark Tower series yet, but I will. I’ve heard good things.

When 11/22/63 came out I took note. It went on my list. Then I became suspicious. Everyone loved this book and I mean LOVED it. They couldn’t stop talking about it. I dropped my suspicion and picked up my curiosity. Hmm…could I break my rule about not reading shiny, new books? Did I want to break my cherished rule? It’s a rule for a reason and this book could disappoint me, yes it could. I can’t have that. In the end, I decided to break my rule. I bought 11/22/63 and gave it a day or two. Then I opened it. It’s not at all what I expected. For one thing, and I say this knowing I’m not actually giving anything away, it’s a time travel book. Yes, Stephen King wrote a time travel novel. And, it’s so good. So good I actually want to be reading it right now and not typing this but I need to tell you all how it good it is.

Eventually there will be a review here and though I’ve still got a few pages left in this chunkster of a book, I predict it will be a positive review. There is so much here to love. The characters and setting break your heart so much so that you start wondering when the bad thing will happen and then you realize it already has.

Today’s Book – 1Q84

I stumbled upon Haruki Murakami’s After Dark one day. I picked it up intrigued by the cover (yep, sucker for a cover right here). With little interesting me in my stack of books, I went for the new one and barely left the couch until it was finished. Spellbound would be a good word. Am I excited about his new book, 1Q84? Umm, yeah, like hell I’m excited.

Today’s Book – The Raven

On Thursdays, I usually talk about the book I’m currently reading or maybe something in my messy pile of books that serves as my physical TBR. But this week’s reading plans went crazy awry and I can’t talk about the book I’m reading because I haven’t spent any time reading it. So, instead, and since it’s October and creepy is befitting this month, I thought this would work.

Note – In case you happen to open this link while browsing your reader in say a Starbucks or possibly even at your desk at work (for shame!), know there is a scream right at the beginning. You might want to adjust volume levels.



Yes, Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven is now a movie staring John Cusack. All behold the possible wonderfulness of this. Unless of course if you don’t like these type of movies, then feel free to ignore.

Today’s Book – Graphic Novels

Graphic novels, while I enjoy them, unfortunately don’t make up a large part of my reading. There’s no particular reason for this other than I just don’t read many. And the ones I do read tend to be by authors I’m familiar with or characters and subject matters I know. For example, The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman or Hellboy by Mike Mignola and John Byrne.

There are others sitting on my shelf but I don’t seem to have any interest in them:

Sin City: The Big Fat Kill by Frank Miller

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill (volumes 1 and 2)

The Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland

100 Bullets series by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso

Looking over the list, most of these have been made into movies at some point and I’ve seen them all. Weird that I haven’t read any of them though… That’s so backward for me.

And a question – I tend to think of Batman as a comic. When does a comic become a graphic novel? I feel I should know this and feel there’s a distinction I’m not aware of here because this is a genre (not sure what else to call it) I’m not entirely familiar with. There’s a good chance this may come down to marketing and if that’s the answer, I’m OK with it. I’m curious and counting on someone out there to have an answer for me. And thanks in advance if you do.

Do you read graphic novels? Are there any you would recommend?

Today’s Book – Banned Books Week

I’m feeling like a bad book blogger. I’ve managed to make it almost all the way through this week without mentioning Banned Books Week once.

Every year I look at the list to see what books were added and once more I’m surprised by what made the cut.  If you want to see the whole list, go here.  I haven’t read all the books on this year’s list but now I feel I should.

Since I usually do talk about a specific book on Thursdays, I thought a banned book would be most appropriate so a Mark Twain book it is!  Eve’s Diary which was banned 105 years ago according to this New York Times article is now safely back on a library shelf where it belongs.

Are you reading anything special for BBW this year?

Today’s Book – The Taker by Alma Katsu

Usually I like to talk about the book I’m currently reading on Thursdays, but I thought I’d take a look at my next read — The Taker by Alma Katsu.

I’ve been craving this book.  Drooling over this book.  Wondering how long I can hold out before buying this book.  Then suddenly I lucked out.  I’ll be getting a copy for review very soon.  Like probably today.  How happy am I right now?  So *very* happy!  So happy, I’m barely able to execute complete sentences.  🙂

Today’s Book – is not actually a book but don’t hold that against me

Cuz it’s about a book!  Yes, I realize you’ll all be very tired soon of hearing about how wonderful George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series is but this I needed to share.  It’s an editorial that appeared in The New York Times on September 7, 2011 titled – Trapped in a Tapestry of Ice and Fire.

I love that this is an editorial about a book.  *Love it.* This makes me happy.  I would go on about the deeper meaning of this being an editorial about a fantasy book in the paper of record, or talk about the people who bemoan that we’ve stopped reading, blah, blah, blah.  But I seem to have met my match in a germ making the rounds so that’s all I have that’s coherent.  Go ahead and read.  And, if this doesn’t make sense, don’t hold it against me.  Blame the nasty germs.