The Sunday Salon – Out of Order

I did something I normally don’t do. I read a series of books out of order. I know, the horror, right. There was this book about two years ago that everyone was excited about. I was trying out NetGalley and requested a copy. I knew it was part of a series but I decided to go with it anyway because it was exactly the type of book I like. Well, about two years later, I’m getting around to starting the series, officially. If you’re curious, it’s Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey series. I finished Silent in the Grave this week and I think I may be looking around for the next book for some holiday downtime reading.

In other non-book related news, our tree is decorated and has finally started to look like a tree instead of a large, pine scented bush. I’ve started the holiday baking, presents have been bought, and holiday spiced beer has been drunk. So, why am I not feeling the holidays yet? Hopefully I’ll get into the spirit later this week when all the crazy work stuff is done and holiday parties begin.

Well, I have pierogies to make so I’m off for today. Happy Sunday reading.