Books I will be reading

In 2013, I read The Last Page by Anthony Huso which came highly recommended by Elizabeth at Darkcargo. She said it was one of her favorites and I now know why. It’s so good that it’s really hard to describe so you should just go read it. It’ll be easier on everyone that way.

So, as it turns out, Huso wrote a sequel to The Last Page, which I have — Black Bottle. I’m hesitating with this one. You know when you read a book and you love it so hard that all you want to do is read the next book in the series and jump back into the world but you can’t because you’re afraid that it might not meet your high expectations and you’re all what do I do!?

I’ll now take one for the team and read this and let you know what happens.

The Book of Apex: Volume 4 of Apex Magazine. Here’s more.  Don’t you want it too?! You do. I’ll be reading and posting about this in February. Get excited. I’m reading this now and it’s amazing.

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. This book has been on my shelf since the day it came out, the same day I ran to my favorite neighborhood bookstore and bought a copy that I’m pretty sure I hugged all the way home. I started the book and gave up on it. I was sad but another person revealed to me that she too quit, not being in the right state of mind for it. She had something with that statement; I shrugged off guilt and put it back on the shelf. It’s now time.

I read Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall way back. I finished it; I didn’t love it. Everyone seemed to though. So what do I do? I buy the sequel, Bring Up the Bodies, because not liking the first is the perfect reason to buy the second. I’m going to read this one. I won’t promise to like this one  but I’m going to read this one. I’m beginning to sound like I’m torturing myself but I’m not. I love all thing Anne Boylen and I’m promised heads rolling. Hello, the title — Bring Up the Bodies.

I’m taking another online course starting in February and this time the focus is fantasy and science fiction. The class on historical fiction was great, you’ll be getting some reviews on those books soon too, and I’m looking forward to this one. I’ve already read several of the books listed on the syllabus but that doesn’t mean I can’t re-read a few. Come on Dracula and Frankenstein, bring on Wells, Bradbury, and LeGuin!

There will be more…


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