Giving up on Swamplandia!

Yes, I’m giving up on Swamplandia!. Normally, I wouldn’t say anything about a book I don’t finish, so I’m not sure why I’m doing it now either. I wanted to love this book like loads of other people did. It’s interesting, Russell is a fantastic writer by all accounts, but I don’t read much contemporary fiction and I think that’s getting me. I want something magical to happen with the alligators and it’s not going to. There’s some weird spiritualist stuff going on but, well, yeah. So, I move onto something else and return this book back to the library for another to enjoy. So as a send off…

Dear book,

I know your next reader will love you.

All the best,

The reader who abandoned you


4 thoughts on “Giving up on Swamplandia!

  1. I support you! I do read contemporary authors and I also couldn’t get all the way through Swamplandia, in spite of several valiant tries. It’s just not my thing I’m afraid.

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