The Shadow of the Sun Read Along – Part 2

The Shadow of the SunWeek two of The Shadow of the Sun read along. nrlymrtl of Dab of Darkness is hosting and if you’re interested in joining us, the schedule is here.

This week, chapters 8-15.

1) Ellion has quite a mystery on his hands with yet the third assassination attempt. The assassin is the same dude, and once ‘dead’, he proceeds to disappear once again. What do you make of this elusive, reappearing, dead guy assassin?

The reappearing dead guy assassin is starting to freak me out. Ellion needs to whack off his head the next time he appears, because obviously, he’s coming back for him. I want to know what Ellion did because he seems to have really annoyed someone for them to go through the trouble of sending this guy after him, repeatedly. They obviously want him dead and seem more than willing to try, try again.

2) Throughout this section, Ellion and Amien have several exchanges of words. Did you have the urge to ask them politely, yet firmly, to step out back and settle the matter for the duration of the trip?

Or swat them upside the head. Obviously, these two are living a bit in the past and what happened between them.They really should share this with the group, and by sharing with the group I mean me, so that way we can all move on. Actually, I’m really curious about what happened between these two. I feel as though Ellion let Amien down but I think it goes slightly deeper than that as well.

3) The Tanaan suffered a great loss in the past, calling it The Deluge, believing it to have been brought upon them by a wrathful goddess. Do you believe this Deluge was due to a goddess striking a disobedient people? What could the Tanaan have done to warrant such action?

I greatly dislike the idea of a god this vengeful but it makes for interesting reading. Would a god do this to its people? I don’t know but let’s just say that if I were the Tannan, I’d avoid this place and never bring up anything having to do with it. Ellion, blundering his way onward, brings it up and can’t seem to let go until scathing looks are sent his way — the only clue as to his social inadequacies. I actually wanted him to keep asking questions because there’s something very interesting about a god like this one but he was stifled, after stepping on a few toes.

4) The Tanaan are use to fighting in tourneys, one-on-one, and not in formations with team goals. How do you think they will take to Ellion’s attempts to school them in real combat tactics?

If he can convince them that learning fighting tactics will help them protect the Mora, then I think they’ll be open to learning. Of course, that’s if Ellion can keep his mouth shut and treat everyone with respect while doing it. I’m not so sure he’ll be able to keep his mouth shut. It opens before his brain starts the processing.

5) Letitia has been wearing her mother’s diamond on her torc, which turns out was a gift from Amien. He crafted it himself and says it is a tool. What kind of tool do you think it is?

I’m suspicious of Amien and Letitia’s mother. Obviously, they had a close relationship but now I’m wondering how close. Amien thinks Ellion isn’t being honest but he needs to knock off the games too and come clean.

6) What is up with the Tuaoh Stone having a strong reaction to Ellion?
Ellion is much more powerful than he lets on or, me thinks, understands. I’m not sure he can handle the power either and maybe that’s why Amien is pissed at him. Obviously, Ellion has some power not even he’s aware of at this point or he’s aware and trying to avoid. I think he’s hiding a lot.


9 thoughts on “The Shadow of the Sun Read Along – Part 2

  1. I think group therapy would be great for Ellion in general and Ellion + Amien in specific. Anger management, Shadow of the Sun style.

    Yes, yes…strokes non-existant goatee thoughtfully…..what DID happen between Amien and Carina? Hmm…..I’m starting to think it was perhaps inappropriate. Naughty wizard.

    I totally understand why Ellion kept asking questions about the Deluge. I mean, he was so looking forward to exploring the wondrous libraries, etc. Only to learn harshly that they don’t exist anymore. It would be like planning to go to Alexandria to finally research some hidden knowledge only to learn upon arriving that the great library had been burnt. Again.

    • Naughty wizard. Ha!

      I did feel bad for Ellion when he realized everything he thought he was going to get to explore was obliterated. Poor guy.

      • Considering how Ellion reacts to anyone in a skirt I’m thinking that Amien might have indulged in some sexytimes with Carina . . . which would also explain why Rishan doesn’t like him . . .

  2. What I found really interesting about the deluge was the fact that it demonstrated very clearly to us just how little knowledge Ellion’s people really have of the Tanaan.
    Yes, I wondered about Letitia’s mother and Amien and what exactly had gone on there. Perhaps they were having a fling – then he gave her the stone to keep his eye on her – and she managed to escape because she didn’t like his controlling behaviour, leaving the stone behind. Now Letitia has the stone and he’s tracked it down thinking it was her mother. Wow, that’s really convoluted isn’t it! I’ll stop trying to come up with theories now!!
    Lynn 😀

    • Actually, I like that line of thinking. Using the stone to spy on her eye makes sense. It’ll be interesting to hear what Letitia has to say about her mother, she’s been pretty quiet on that front so far.

  3. 1. I’m not sure that beheading the guy will help, but I would like to see Ellion try it out. At this stage I would be putting the body through a mincer or feeding it to pigs to try to stop it reappearing.

    2. Yep: let’s just get the reasons out in public and have done with it.

    3. It actually looks a little tame if you think about Noah’s Flood . . . and I seem to remember the Greek / Roman gods behaving like spoilt children from time to time . . .

    5. There are far too many secrets amongst this group, and they are starting to be frustrating, although I guess that all adds to the interest.

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