Review – The New World

Confession: I haven’t read the Chaos Walking trilogy. I kept meaning to then all these other books got in the way and it never happened. Everyone loves the books, and from what I’ve read about them, there’s a pretty good chance (a high probability if I’m honest) that I’ll feel much the same about the series if I ever get around to reading the books.

One day, tapping buttons on my tablet (by this I mean buying books), I came across this short story which is a precursor to the trilogy. It was free. Why not? Who could resist free?

Viola is aboard a small ship with her parents who will soon be attempting to land on the planet. Viola is less than thrilled. She’s never lived anywhere but on a ship in space and the last thing she wants is to leave the only life she’s ever known. As the day of the attempted landing approaches, nerves fray and the worst possible thoughts become reality.

This is a short story, about 25 pages so I can’t say more and I wouldn’t want to ruin this for anyone that might be interested in reading it. I will say that if you’re like me and you haven’t read the series, this will only make you want to. And if you’ve read the series, you’ll probably just want more.

The New World
By Patrick Ness
Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763656492


8 thoughts on “Review – The New World

  1. I really hope you choose to continue with the series. I don’t know if this story is a good indicator of what’s to come though. I personally suggest reading this between books 1 & 2. I feel it makes things in book 1 a little less exciting since it “ruins” things a bit.

    • I’ll have to try re-reading it when you suggest when I get to the series. It’ll be interesting to see if it changes my feelings on anything. Thanks!

  2. I hope you do read the Chaos Walking series! And that you aren’t disappointed because of the blogosphere having given you such unbelievably high expectations. I’m curious how reading The New World first will change the reading experience of Knife of Never Letting Go — I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone who read The New World first. You’ll know who Bradley and Simone are, like, waaaayyy before I ever did.

    • Lately, I’ve been reading everything out of order! Seems to go with my life the last few weeks. I’ll report back and let you know if it changes anything.

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