Red Seas Under Red Skies Read Along Part 2

Back this week with an interruption in the #Reviewathon to play in the Red Seas Under Red Skies Read Along. Part 1 is here if you’re curious. This week’s questions are from Andrea at the Little Red Reviewer and she also has more info here.

I decided I had some fun last week writing pretty much stream of conscience and decided to go with it again so ignore dangling participles, fragments, and if I used the wrong conscience (conscientious), ignore that too. I, seriously, never use that word correctly. It’s my nemesis.

1 – Now that we know a little more about Selendri and Requin, what do you think of them? I worry Locke is suddenly realizing this con might be a bit tougher than he expected.

I don’t trust these two at all. Requin doesn’t give hints about anything, although once Locke did seem to surprise him with what he had to say, but I think he already knows what Locke is up to before he does so there’s the possibility of all this going so very wrong. Then again, why should I underestimate a character that seems to be able to get out of almost everything, with the exception of being poisoned? Ugh, he should have know better.

As for Selendri, I now think of her as the new Nazca. This will persist until Sabetha shows up because I appreciate a strong female character. Which, by the way, I do think Lynch does very well. The problem is that he kills them off, gives them horrible back stories, and has them only show up when someone else mentions her as in the case of Sabetha. What’s up with that?
2 – Isn’t the Artificers’ Crescent just amazing?  If you could purchase anything there, what would it be?

I would buy a mini elephant, around the 20 pound mark. Like a decent size dog, not too big but not too small either. Just think how much fun it would be to play fetch with that! Was that a weird answer? I sorta think it is but I’m leaving it because it said anything in the question.

3 – What did you think of Salon Corbeau and the goings on that occur there? A bit crueler than a Camorri crime boss, no?

Esh. I couldn’t wait for Locke to leave. The games are horrid and while it sounds like a ‘nice’ ‘safe’ place, I’d run as far away from it as I could.

One of the reasons I like Locke so much is that he isn’t cruel. He might scheme money away from the rich, play tricks on them, but he’s never outright cruel. And really, where does a child learn that entertainment comes in the form of beating an elderly person with clubs come from! Crap that place was a rat hole.
4 – The Archon might be a megalomaniacal military dictator, but he thinks he’s doing right by Tal Verrar: his ultimate goal seems to be to protect them.  What do you think he’s so afraid of?

This has me confused, not the question, this character. I can’t figure out what he’s up to and why he feels he needs to protect the place. Also, why does he feel so safe that his spies aren’t known by Requin! He should know that if he’s willing to pay, someone else is willing to pay more for the information he wants. Spying 101 — cuz I know so much about that. I should stop talking now but hole already dug, going in for me.

I don’t think he’s afraid of Requin, he understands him as a nemesis (I’m trying to work this word into everyday conversation. Used it twice in this post even!) and maybe a slight threat to his plans, but I don’t think there’s fear there. However, maybe there should be. Is it all a misplaced fear and he doesn’t get it at all? I don’t know.

5 – And who the heck is trying to kill Locke and Jean every few days?  They just almost got poisoned (again!)!

Head, e-reader. I’m pretty sure there’s an N on my forehead from my nook. Can these two just stop drinking everything put in front of them!? I was glad to see they passed on the ale because, really, you had to see that one coming.
6 – Do you really think it’s possibly for a city rat like Locke to fake his way onto a Pirate ship?

I want him to play the part, and I think it will be amusing to see him do it, but no, I don’t think he can be a pirate. In my head, now and forever, that’s Johnny Depp.


14 thoughts on “Red Seas Under Red Skies Read Along Part 2

  1. You’re exactly right when you say that although Locke plays tricks on people he’s never cruel. The scene in Salon Corbeau really showed what separates him from other criminals. He might not always do the nicest things but he does have a strong set of morals.

    • Very true, we’ve only seen him on his turf. Could be interesting to see how confident he is outside his domain.

      I heart Johnny Depp. 🙂

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  3. Well you definitely win the prize for crazy with your answer to No.2. I loved it. a mini elephant to play catch with. Made me properly laugh out loud!
    I love Locke – he’s such a softie! I’m glad he isn’t all out to just do whatever he wants and hang the consequences – okay he’s a rogue but he’s definitely lovable.
    I can’t wait to see Locke playing the part of a pirate.
    Lynn 😀

  4. Mini elephant, that is perfect! I’m loving all the answers to that question! Locke should really buy some flammable stuff that he can throw at Salon Corbeau. someone needs to burn that place to the ground.

    when the day comes that someone isn’t trying to kill Locke, he’ll just have to retire. whoever is trying to kill them needs to hire some better assassins.

  5. Now I want a mini-elephant. It would be such an adorable pet. Actually, I think a mechanical pet that’s soft and fluffy but that I’m not allergic to would be what I’d want.

  6. A pet elephant… I should have gotten that too!
    It’s true that they should stop srinking what’s in front of them. I mean, half the world wants to grill their asses, why are they not more careful?!

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