The Sunday Salon – Everything

Yesterday, for reasons my husband was unable to explain adequately, our wi-fi stopped working. It was highly annoying as I couldn’t read twitter or check silly facts online. Today, it’s back!

With no wi-fi yesterday, I parked myself on the couch with a book — Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. I would say the book is funny but that’s such a bad description. Yes, it’s funny but funny in that way that makes you laugh out loud and people in the room (husband) start looking at you all strange so you decide that you’ll just laugh to yourself instead of out loud. For me, that means I giggle. When I giggle I start crying because I’m trying not to laugh. So, almost all of yesterday I spent curled up on the couch alternately laughing out loud, giggling, and looking as though I was watching something on TV that was so very sad. In fact, the hockey playoffs were on TV so that wasn’t case at all. It was the book. I don’t want to ruin it so I’ll save it all for the review.

And speaking of reviews, um, I need to write some. I have a stack of books sitting on my desk right now that are basically a daily reminder that I’m a bad book blogger. I haven’t written a review in a minute (read minute as days and days please). Wait! The reviewathon is coming up and I’m saving them all for next Saturday. Yep, that’s it. What I’m saying is, you might see some reviews soon.

Since the wi-fi was being unhelpful yesterday I didn’t get to visit all the people participating in the Red Seas Under Red Skies read along. I will do this today!

Now, I’m going to convince my husband that we must take a walk so I can buy some coffee. This is day two of writing without coffee or editing and while it’s been fun, I want me some coffee. I’d make it at home but I make the worst coffee on the planet. Seriously, I do.

Happy Sunday!


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