The Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along – Part 2

We’re in the second week of The Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along. I’m loving the book so far so if things feel a little gushy today, it’s because they are. Since there are no spoilers in this read along, this will be short and to the point. By the way, I love spoilers so you have no idea how hard this is for me. J

More info at the Little Red Reviewer and questions this week were supplied by Dark Cargo.

1 – Do you think Locke can pull off his scheme of playing a Midnighter who is working with Don Salvara to capture the Thorn of Camorr? I mean, he is now playing two roles in this game – and thank goodness for that costume room the Gentleman Bastards have!

First, the costume room is awesome. I so need a closet like that. Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the point.

I have started to wonder how long he plans to keep this one going, but from what I’ve read, Locke has convinced me he can pull it off. And the badge is so cool that if that doesn’t convince anybody what will! I don’t think Locke will do anything to jeopardize the scheme but I think something else might. This is the time when I want to read ahead but I’m not. It’s just a suspicion and as soon as I’m done writing this, I’m back to reading to find out.

2 – Are you digging the detail the author put into the alcoholic drinks in this story?

YES! Does that answer the questions sufficiently? 🙂 No really, the detail is wonderful. As I said last week, and read on blogs of others participating in the read along, the details make you see Camorr — all its scars and bright spots. It’s just enough for you to picture it clearly but not enough to overwhelm the story. It’s such a fine line and Lynch is amazing me with how he’s walking it.

3 – Who is this mysterious lady Gentleman Bastard Sabetha and what does she mean to Locke?

I wish I knew because the suspense is killing me. From what I can tell though, she’s taken Locke’s heart, ripped it from his chest, stomped on it, ground it to powder under heel of her shoe, and kicked the rest in the water. I could be very wrong about this though.

4 – Are you creeped out over the use of Wraithstone to create Gentled animals as I am?

Yes, although I find the idea of Wraithstone fascinating. It’s back to details though. Camorr is a rough place and would the animals get freaked out and be unusable there is they weren’t gentled? I don’t really want this to sound like an endorsement of this particular use of Wraithstone because I don’t like it at all. Let’s just say I saw the point and appreciated the use of the Wraithstone but I didn’t like it.

5 – I got a kick out of child Locke’s first meeting with Capa Barsavi and his daughter Nazca, which was shortly followed up by the story of Barsavi granting adult Locke permission to court his daughter! Where do you think that will lead? Can you see these two together?

Nazca with her steel heeled boots and drunk — two things you have to love about a child. She’s an amusing character but I particularly liked the description of her as a child. You can picture her running her father’s enterprise too. Let’s face it, she already feels comfortable telling the guards what to do.

I can’t picture Locke and Nazca as a couple. Would they work well together though? Probably, umm, maybe. Locke’s hiding too much from Capa and I’m not so sure he could keep up the game if he really did fall for Nazca. I don’t know how he plans to get out of it though. That will be an interesting scene.

6 – Capa Barsavi is freaked out over rumors of The Grey King and, in fact, us readers are privy to a gruesome torture scene. The Grey King is knocking garristas off left and right. What do you think this means?

I didn’t need to be privy to the torture scene, mostly because I was eating lunch at the time. Uck.

Moving on. I’m looking forward to The Grey King’s appearance. Another dark character with designs on being in charge, bring it on.

7 – In the Interlude: The Boy Who Cried for a Corpse, we learn that Father Chains owes an alchemist a favor, and that favor is a fresh corpse. He sets the boys to figuring out how to provide one, and they can’t ‘create’ the corpse themselves. How did you like Locke’s solution to this conundrum?

This shouldn’t have made me giggle but it did. Locke is really too smart for his own good. In the end, it was a brilliant decision to the problem of obtaining a fresh corpse with minimal damage. However, what about buying one? Too obvious I guess. The extra little scheme was so Locke too. His mind was way too active for a boy that age and way too morbid as well. Then, that’s why I’m enjoying this book so much.


11 thoughts on “The Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along – Part 2

  1. I suddenly started imagining young Master Lamora in a modern day care centre. That would be exceedingly amusing! The other kids would not even realise what’s going on before Locke has all ready managed to steal their toys.

    • Stealing toys is not morbid enough. Breaking into the bio lab of the adjacent University and redecorating the playcenter is more like it!

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  4. I know what you mean about the Wraithstone and ‘gentling’. I don’t like it but can see the logic and almost sense behind it. Just wish there was another way! I think with Sabetha and Locke they’re both to scared of commitment – I think she probably knew she was falling in so got the hell away, as far away and as quickly as she could – of course that’s all supposition because I’m in exactly the same boat as everyone else here and haven’t the first notion! I actually really do look forward to meeting her. I think Locke has had a ‘thing’ for her for as long as he can remember and so clearly he’s not taken her leaving very well!
    Lynn 😀

  5. I have to agree with you re: the torture, it was inventive, but I was commuting when I’ve read it and as I’ve said on my blog I’ve nearly fainted with such things so have to be careful where I read things sometimes!

    After reading Lynn’s comment if that theory is correct then potentially part of Locke’s reaction with Sabetha could be due to him just not getting what he wants – and I get the feeling he usually gets what he wants. He expects his schemes to work.

  6. don’t worry, the suspense about Sabetha is killing all of us! if you dare, there is an excerpt on Lynch’s website from the 3rd book, Republic of Thieves, where we meet a young Locke and a young Sabetha:

    and awww, poor Nazca. She hasn’t really got any other suitors except for a guy who is in love with someone else! and that dinner scene, where Locke finally pours a toast for Sabetha, yeah, i totally teared up.

    • I’ve read a few other responses to question 5 and it seems like I’m the only who could see Nazca and Locke together. In any case I think it would be very interesting to see the two wriggle out of the marriage situation.

      • I can see the two of them together but only ‘platonically’, more like brother and sister – I think they both have good ‘heads’. The other thing that I see as an obstruction to their friendship – or any other sort of a relationship – is the fact that the GBs have been conning her father for so long – they pay their dues every week, but they ‘play’ at being regular thiefs. If the Capa knew what they were really up to I think he (and she) would be pretty god damn angry!
        Lynn 😀

  7. I could see them together but more as a marriage of convenience. Like to keep the Capa happy and maybe help each other out with their work but never for real love. As we know Locke has eyes on someone else and that he’s keeping too many secrets from the Barsavi family.

  8. The giggling, I had it too, no worry. This little guy was so cute, even while “stealing” a corpse!
    Quite many people think that Sabetha ditched him and he can’t get over it, but I’ve always been convinced that she left because she had to (maybe Chains sent her away for important business) and he’s just really sad and grumpy about it. I’m so impatient to see her!

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