Reading Slow/Reading Fast

This year I find myself reading very slowly. It’s not a good or a bad thing it just is and when I realized I was doing it, it made me want to write about it. Why? No idea. But isn’t that the whole point of this blog thing?

I started a class in January, a writing class, not that I’m writing an actual book or anything, I just enjoy writing and I like taking classes. Yes, I’m a bit of a geek but whatever. So, as part of this class, you break down the aspects of a book (plot, dialogue, beginnings, endings, pacing) and I started reading more closely. I started breaking down the stories and taking notice of how an author introduced a character, how she/he paced the story, added back story, and foreshadowed events.

Once more I started to savor. It’s not that I don’t savor a book when I read fast but I’m sure there are nuances and subtle hints about characters I skim over without fully grasping. It’s like falling in love with reading all over again.

This year I’m reading more of the books I want and I have to say I’m so glad I made that choice. It’s like I have no rules! It’s liberating.

If I don’t read my usual number of books this year, I don’t care. I’m having so much fun re-discovering what’s on my shelves, creating lists, and joining read alongs and challenges that it feels all new again.

Funny I say that because I haven’t been blogging much at all. I think I posted about three or four reviews so far this year and we’re closing in on the end of February, so I’m slacking, but that’s OK too. I have the pass and I’m running free. Running free I tell you!


2 thoughts on “Reading Slow/Reading Fast

  1. I’ve been reading slowly too, but it’s been more of a slump thing I think than anything else. I think I’m beginning to come out of it a bit.I’m glad that your writing class is actually helping you appreciate what you read too. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to read slow – I’m a bit of a slow reader anyway, with or without the slump. What’s the point in hurrying things? Never know how people read more then 100 books a year! I’ve given up being jealous I’m just not that quick.

    Although, I think I lost a bit of the love for reading and writing when I studied English when in 6th form (high school age in the US). I enjoyed it when reading things like Shakespeare because it helped me understand the deeper context. I think it’d be interesting to go back and take an English class or writing class now just for fun, without being told that if you mess up the exam it’s tantamount to the end of the world (or thereabouts)!

    • I think I might continue the slow reading for a bit longer. I read what I read this year and I’m going to be happy with that because I feel I’m enjoying it so much more. The count doesn’t matter so much now. Actually, I don’t know that it really did before but I keep the list because it’s nice to go back and see what I read and what I liked in a certain time period.

      Ha! Ya know, I’m taking the class for fun but I still got nervous about the final writing assignment. Guess the geek in me still cares even if I’m not getting a grade. It was fun though and a lot more work than I had planned but I’m glad I did it. I may even take another later in the year.

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