Final 2012 Challenge

No, really, I mean it; it’s my last one. I’ve joined four and there will be no more.

But, if I’m being honest, I was planning to read more Stephen King this year after falling for 11/22/63 in December so it’s not as if this is going to be a problem.

The Stephen King Project 2012

Runs January – December 2012 and you can read the rules here and you can sign up here. I’m in for three books – A Lil Bit of King level.

What I’ll be reading for this challenge.

Salem’s Lot (This is part of a personal re-read challenge of my own.)

The Colorado Kid

Under the Dome

Funny, I seem to be challenge crazy this year. Wonder why that is…


2 thoughts on “Final 2012 Challenge

  1. Yay, so excited that you’ll be joining! I hope you enjoy The Colorado Kid; while it’s not the most eventful short story, for some reason it was quite interesting for me. Probably the way in which Stephen King writes the genuine human interactions, it’s perfect!

    But, I LOVED ‘Salem’s Lot. Loved it!

    And I really need to read Under the Dome, I’m so ready for it. Looking forward to you being part of the Project!

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