Making It Up Monday Night

My husband had to be on a plane very early this morning and while I was planning to put together a Sunday Salon yesterday, I decided instead to spend the day with my husband and it was a good choice.  So, here I am today with a few links because I’m trying to get myself back on a blogging schedule and I thought the only way to do that would be to actually put together a post.  I’m also making a valiant attempt at catching up on reviews and watching TV which means the writing is going slower than anticipated but it’s going.


OK, I swear I don’t actually go looking for Harry Potter links but I feel I’ve got loads of them lately.  This one, a proposal.  The best part of this post — the comment — “couldn’t you spring for the hardcover?”  He he.  And just to make sure you get more than enough of dear ol’ Harry and his friends, this one too.

Book purging, something I need to do.  But sadly, I don’t have the heart for it lately.

Want to be a punster?  Go at it.

What do your favorite books say about you?  Me, apparently I steal ex-boyfriends, drink a lot of tea, and have a preference for walk in closets.  The tea and walk in closets are accurate anyway…  You?

A Game of Thrones series premiered last night on HBO.  (Excited?  YES!  YES!  YES!)  If you don’t have HBO and are curious or need a fix until you can get to a friend’s house, go here.  I got to watch it last night and it was fabulous.  I’ll be watching it once more on demand before the next episode to make sure I caught everything.

Fabulous bookshelves.

Do you find yourself wanting to literally curl up in your books and sleep there?  Now you can.

Don’t you wish you could find something like this in your attic?


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