The Sunday Salon and How the World Cup is Stopping Me from Reading

Did I ever think there would be anything that would stop me from reading? No.

Have I found something that has stopped me from reading? Yes.

Am I being dramatic? A bit.

I haven’t actually stopped reading but the time I would normally spend curled up with a book has instead been spent in front of the TV watching proper football. My husband loves his soccer, and I do too. We even took a half day off of work on the opening day so we could procure bar seats to watch a game. πŸ™‚ Yesterday, the US and England played and we glued our butts to the couch, with the butts of several friends as well, to watch our boys. All I have to say is, thank god for the fumbling hands of the English goalie. But, hey, a goal is a goal! Today was much the same and I only spent a short time with my book. I expect the next few weeks to sort of be the same. So don’t be too surprised if you end up hearing about a game instead of a book. πŸ˜‰

I did want to take a minute to talk about Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) before I wrap up this week. I started my blog last August, shortly before BBAW 2009, and was amazed by the sense of community it created and the sharing that went on. I was blown away. This year, I think I will register for it and see if I can participate a bit. It’s always hard to know how busy the summer is going to be but I think this will be worth it. If you’re interested, click on the logo below for more info.

There are several things I wanted to talk about today but since it’s a late post for me already, I’m going to hold off and post a few of the bookish things I have in mind later in the week.

Have a good one!


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon and How the World Cup is Stopping Me from Reading

  1. I have never watched any soccer. Not even one…uh, inning? It is definitely something I need to try, maybe with a knowledgable person (I find it always helps to have a knowledgable person around to show you the cool parts of something).

  2. I was also amazed by the sense of community in last year’s BBAW. I discovered so many wonderful blogs last time around, and hoping that repeats itself this year πŸ™‚

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