The Lord of the Rings Read-Along: The Final Installment

Well, the Lord of the Rings Read-Along is finished. I re-read all three books and felt nostalgic about each and every one, found something new to love in each, and even came across a few things I had over looked in previous readings.

I thought about doing a review but then decided not too. A lot of people participating in the read-along wrote some great reviews and I don’t even know where to start with a review (it would have been more like a thesis than a review) so that idea was quickly thrown out. I thought about not posting anything but since I did posts for each of the others, and I like things in even numbers, I decided to do one final goodbye to the Lord of Rings after all.

So, I give you Hobbit Holes!!!

My city has some great architecture and my neighborhood in particular has some truly beautiful buildings. On one street not too far from our house there are a few little entrances that have always made me smile and make me think of Bilbo, Sam, and Frodo. I, with the help of my husband and his trusty blackberry, took a few photos to show you these little places that always make me smile.



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