My Nook Arrived!

Yeah, my birthday present has finally arrived! My birthday was in the beginning of December so I’ve been waiting a while and not always patiently. 🙂

After spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get the thing out of it’s packaging (Hi, Barnes & Noble, do you need to make it so difficult? You know that some of us just want to read right?) and letting it charge, I spent some good quality time with my little Nook. Until my husband, (who admitted that my birthday present was a bit of a ruse since it was him that really wanted one of these things, although to be fair, it didn’t take much to convince me) got home and completely took it over.

We got it registered (Again, Barnes & Noble, why so many steps?) and ordered two books — True Compass by Ted Kennedy for him and Noah’s Compass by Anne Tyler for me. No, the compass theme was not planned, we did that separately. I didn’t add any additional books last night since I want to take a look at my list to see what I really want. When I finish a book on it, I plan to do a longer review to let you all know how I like it.


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