Into the Path of Gods

Into the Path of Gods

Into the Path of Gods

By Kathleen Cunningham Guler

Bardsong Press

ISBN: 0-9660371-0-3

3 stars

Marcus ap Iorwerth is a spy in 5th Century Britain working to free his people and help the rightful ruler of Britain take his place. On one of his missions, he meets Claerwen, a woman who has visions of the future, and is being hunted by a man who believes she holds the key to a mythical treasure.

Claerwen was promised to a man named Drakar. He’s a cruel and brutal person and she refuses to agree to the marriage arranged by her mother. To avoid the marriage, she runs away with her cousin Grania. In time, their paths cross with Marcus. He helps put the two women into a convent to keep them safe from Drakar who is hunting them relentlessly believing that Claewen knows where a legendary treasure is buried. When Draker is killed, Marcus and Claerwen feel it is safe to profess their love and marry, but he carries on with his spying dragging them deeper into the mystery of the treasure and putting their lives in danger.

This book moved a bit slow for me in the beginning but did speed up in the end. It seemed every time Claerwen turned around, she was in trouble. She didn’t always want rescuing and did her best to help herself but, all the same, Marcus seemed to be there when needed. The relationship between Claerwen and Marcus was fairly genuine, although Grania was like nails on a chalkboard. Very, very annoying. I did find some of the dialogue awkward and the use of the word awesomely through me off completely for a few pages. I don’t know, but I somehow don’t think 5th Century Britains were using the word awesomely but I could be wrong.

Into the Path of Gods is the first book in the Macsen’s Treasure series. There are four books in all. Being the series lover that I am, I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself reading a few more of the books. While it was a bit awkward in places, I found it mildly entertaining and a fast read once I got past the first few chapters.

I won this book through the LibraryThing Member Giveaway.


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