When to Call It Quits

I started a book earlier in the week and and I’m having trouble finishing it. The writing is all right but the characters are not. They’re not even likable. I’m about 270 pages in. It’s a 370 page book and I’ve been skimming since page 100. I want to finish it because I promised a review and I don’t feel I can really give it a proper review if I haven’t finished it. But, to be honest, I don’t think my review will be all that positive either way. I was very excited to get this book but I’m not liking it and that sort of makes me sad.

I gave in and started another book last night with the intention of going back to finish it another time — my theory being that I just need a break from it. I only read about 20 pages of the new book but so far it has more potential which means I’m probably done with the other one. (Side note: I’m usually a one book reader. I sometimes read more than one book at a time, but I also notice that I do that when I’m not particularly interested in the current book I’m reading.)

I have a relatively high tolerance point. I usually go about 250 pages before quitting. I guess I’m hopeful that I might find its redeeming quality if I keep going but I don’t enjoy feeling annoyed while I’m reading and that’s where I am right now.

So, when do you call it quits?


3 thoughts on “When to Call It Quits

  1. I, um, don’t. I’m a little too stubborn when it comes to books, and I almost enjoy reviewing bad books more than I enjoy reviewing good books. I have removed a handful from my reading list, due to excessive animal cruelty, but I haven’t not finished in a while.

    • I’m usually pretty stubborn too and hate giving up on a book but this one is just driving me crazy! I’m going to stick with the original plan and take a break from it and then see how I feel before giving up for good.

  2. It would depend for me a bit on whether or not someone sent you the book for review, because if it is from the library or your TBR shelf, then you can just ditch it. If you don’t feel you can review it after ditching it, then just don’t. If it was sent to you, you can still ditch it, and write a ‘did not finish’ review telling us what made you put it down.

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