Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday asks – What’s your favorite part of Booking Through Thursday? Why do you participate (or not)?

Why participate? I like taking a moment each week to think about what I’m reading and books in general.

My favorite part is reading what others have said. Obviously, the more controversial or crazy the topic the better the reading. I’m not in any way suggesting the questions have to be this way every week but I think that’s when the most creative and thoughtful answers appear. It’s a challenge some Thursdays to answer the question and I enjoy that. I think it’s a good reminder of why we do this.

I found so many wonderful blogs through BTT that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to read and, well, my TBR has grown to gargantuan proportions that I abandoned it until 2010 when I will be starting over. New year, new list.  And that’s a good thing and a good reason to participate.

What about you? Do you participate and why?


6 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday

  1. I love reading everyone’s answers, but decided to write about my favorite reads on my blog every Thursday (it was a process of elimination and Thursday ended up working best for me), so I haven’t participated in BTT in months.

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