Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through ThursdayBooking Through Thursday asks — Which do you prefer? Biographies written about someone? Or autobiographies written by the actual person (and/or ghost-writer)?

Biographies written about someone. It’s not one of my favorite genres though and unless it’s something that really interests me, I tend not to read many.  It’s odd, I love stories but somehow when they are based on real people I find them less fascinating.  I wonder why that is…and it’s too early for me to delve into that.

Although, one of my most fascinating reads has been a biography — Augustus by Anthony Everitt. I also have his book Cicero. (I love reading about ancient Rome.) I got about 40 page in before I put it down. I should start it again one of these days.


4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday

  1. Biographies make up a very small portion of my literary diet as well, I have to say. I can count how many I’ve read and want to read on my hands. But I love historical fiction. Huh.

    I do hope you pick up Cicero again!

  2. Once I find out more about their real lives, I think it detracts from their work because I’m constantly comparing the parallels between their work and their lives, even if it is coincidental.

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