The Mage’s Daughter


The Mages Daughter

The Mage's Daughter

The Mage’s Daughter

By Lynn Kurland

The Berkeley Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780425219164

3.5 stars

Miach is attending his brother’s wedding when he realizes he can no longer magically sense the ailing Morgan, the woman he loves. After interrupting the marriage ceremony, much to the unhappiness of his brother, he leaves for the Kingdom of Lismor to find her.

Once there, he meets with Nicholas, the lord of Lismor, and is told he is too late — Morgan has already left for Gobhann, a place run by a cruel man named Weger who trained Morgan to be a mercenary. Gobhann is not subject to magic and Morgan hopes to find respite and recover from being poisoned inside the safety of its walls.

Miach follows her and gains passage into Gobhann by battling past the guards and showing his sword fighting talent — what little he has without the help of magic. He is admitted and endures Weger’s harsh training that made Morgan one of the most feared fighters in the Nine Kingdoms.

The relationship between Miach and Morgan is strained and he hopes once again to win her love and prove his worth to her by showing he is capable of great heroics without magic. While at Gobhann, Morgan slowly warms to him but is still weary of his intentions and won’t let herself fully trust him.

Unfortunately, Miach, the youngest Arch Mage of Neroch, is also trying to protect his kingdom from an unknown evil he cannot trace. His worry and great fear is that the evil is after Morgan but he cannot tell her. Morgan, the fierce and talented swords woman she is, would likely attempt to fight even in her weakened state. He fears this reality because he knows it will mean losing her forever.

The story is good fantasy with a lot of romance thrown in. The characters are intriguing and you do come to care for them by the end. The use of magic is novel but I do wish there was an explanation of the power and where it comes from. However, this is book two in the trilogy and I have not read book one which I’m guessing contained more background than is found in this book. I usually don’t like to read books out of order for this reason but I picked this one up without realizing it was part of a series. While there are enough clues and explanations to help the reader along, reading the first in the trilogy probably would have explained more about the main characters’ relationship and how they came to be in the predicament they find themselves in.

This book is a good quick read. If you happen to like magic, elves, and swordplay, it’s entertaining. After finishing the second in the series, I think I might seek out one and three, after all, I would like to see what happens between Morgan and Miach.


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