Mr. Darcy, Vampyre


Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

By Amanda Grange

Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402236976

4 stars

The story begins on Elizabeth and Darcy’s wedding day. The Bennett house is in full celebration with the marriage of both Elizabeth and Jane on the same day. Elizabeth believes this to be the happiest day of her life and cannot wait to become Darcy’s wife.

After a short ceremony and celebration, they leave for the Lake Region on their honeymoon tour but as soon as the carriage leaves, Darcy announces they area going to Europe instead. He makes a few arrangements, and before Elizabeth can utter a word or question, she finds herself in Dover awaiting a boat to France.

In France, Darcy introduces Elizabeth to family and friends — some she finds friendly, others she finds off-putting for a reason she cannot understand. She is overwhelmed but is happy to just be with Darcy. Shortly after arriving in France, he announces they will be going to visit his uncle who lives in the Alps. The journey to his uncle’s is difficult and she finds herself scared frequently by wolves and stories from the locals. Darcy reassures her that all will be fine and once again she finds herself calmed by his words.

At Darcy’s uncle’s castle, she is introduced to many new family members and acquaintances. Elizabeth is unsettled by comments and customs but does her best to make an outward show of happiness for Darcy. Their stay is cut short by a revolt from the villagers but Darcy and Elizabeth are able to escape without harm and find shelter in an old hunting lodge of Darcy’s. He decides they will head to Venice, Italy for safety’s sake and they are off again. Upon their arrival, Elizabeth is transfixed by the city and its inhabitants. It is also were she begins to question some of the strange things going on with Darcy and their relationship.

After a near abduction and narrow escape from which Darcy rescues her, she asks many questions and finds she doesn’t like any of the answers. Fortunately, a friend of Darcy’s may have the cure they both seek.

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre is an interesting re-imagining of these characters. Grange is able to fully en robe herself in Darcy and his brooding thoughts making the character very believable. He is just as dark, daring, and confusing and in some ways even more intriguing because of his dangerous secret. The love between Elizabeth and Darcy is strong and you find yourself hoping she is still willing to accept him after his secret revealed.

One small thing that did bother me — Elizabeth does not pickup on any of the clues. Reflections that don’t appear, no mirrors, wolves, Darcy mysteriously missing always at sunset and sunrise, an inordinate amount of bats. I always thought of Elizabeth as witty and smart and was a bit disappointed she didn’t question Darcy earlier, but then again, she is a new bride wanting to be with her new husband and willing to forgo a few mishaps after what they had already been through. I guess in the end I am willing to forgive that.


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