The Sunday Salon – Good Books

I’ve had a run of good books lately. I’m not sure if I’m coming out of a reading slump or if I’ve been picking the right books for me lately but the last few books I’ve read have all been satisfying reads.

Starting with Among Others by Jo Walton, I quickly finished up Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness, moved on to Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier and now find myself sucked into Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton.

Another slump I can admit to though — a writing slump. Sitting next to the laptop on the desk is a notebook. It contains: one short story that needs to be typed and edited, the beginnings of an essay, an opening paragraph which has been abandoned, an opening line, and five book reviews and various notes and thoughts on books that need to be typed. Looking at the notebook, it makes me happy that I have at least taken notes on the books I’ve been reading and seeing that I’m getting back into the habit of writing thoughts down is also exciting but I need to sit down and do something with all these words.

Alas, today will not be the day. My husband is home after a short trip and spending the day with him is a priority today. I also plan to spend a chunk of my day reading Tooth and Claw. This book is addicting! What my day of relaxing and reading means is that there will be some very early mornings in my future this week and a plan to get some writing done. But I will think of that tomorrow.

Happy Sunday. Happy reading.


The Sunday Salon: Resolution Reading/Slumps

I’ve been reading a lot of posts this week about resolutions and it got me thinking of my own, which happen to be non-existent.  Personally, I like it that way.  It seems, and has been proven over and over again, that if I make resolutions no matter how general and open, I break them.  Not intentionally you understand it’s more a subconscious thing that happens and I manage to talk myself out of and around keeping any and all resolutions.  To break the annoying cycle, in short, I don’t make resolutions anymore.  But, in fact, I did this year.  I just didn’t write them down.  I think this is all an elaborate ruse to fool myself into keeping the very vague things that I’d like to do.

In terms of reading, I don’t have any other than wanting to read more of my own books and more non-fiction.  Those I think I can keep but since I’ve written them down, I’ve probably jinxed myself and even those won’t happen now.

Anyway, onto slumps.  I’ve been sort of in a reading funk this year.  Yes, even nine days in and I’m getting myself slumpy.  How can that be?  I have no answer so if you have one let me know.  Please.  Here’s what happened.  I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I knew it would be a tough book to follow so I picked a book I knew would be completely different — The Tudor Secret by C.W. Gortner.  I’m reviewing the book for The BookReporter so I knew I had to finish it and since it was something all together different, I knew it would be a good place to start.  It was.  The book itself was fine and entertaining as the Tudors and their antics always are.  Then I spent a whole evening trying to figure out what to read next.  I scoured the shelves, checked the library to see if my holds were in, and finally opened the Nook.  That’s when I found The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  It was short and it entertained me.  Then came yesterday when I spent the entire day on the couch feeling under the weather and cranky and all I wanted was a book and couldn’t find one that fit.  Alas, after this very long paragraph, I’ve come to the slump problem.  I didn’t have any books I wanted to read.   I tried The Last Pendragon by Sarah Woodbury hoping that my enduring love of Arthurian legend would pull me through.  It didn’t entirely fail me but it did take me 134 pages to rescue me.

Part of the problem is that I have a book I really, really want to read — A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness — but I’m doing this one for review and it’s not due for several weeks and I promised myself that I would hold off since I have another book due in between.  I’m beginning to think that if I had just read the book instead of putting it on the side; I wouldn’t be in this stupid slump right now.  Ah, oh well.

I noticed that I have several reviews that I never posted thanks to holidays and breaks and me giving myself permission to sleep a little later on some days (which is why Thursday and Friday of last week were quiet here).  So, I’ll be setting up some posts today to catch-up on my backlog which has been patiently waiting for me to get butt in chair.  The next two weeks will be the weeks of reviews here at Just Book Reading.

Happy Sunday everyone.