The Sunday Salon – Self-Published Books

Over the years, I’ve read self-published books. If the author can tell me a good story, entertain me, enlightenment me, I’m along for the ride. Many bloggers don’t read or review self-published books and I understand why they have that rule. I’ve had bad experiences with self-published books too —formats don’t work, copious spelling and grammar mistakes, poor editing, and in some cases, obviously no editor at all. This post isn’t about the problems with self-published books though so I’ll stop with the examples.

Now, and this is an important point — I’m not asking to be sent self-published books. Please don’t do that! Also, I’ve stopped accepting all review copies for the time being. See my review policy here. Yes, I have rules too.

What I’m saying is, I have paid for self-published books and enjoyed them. I’ve found some through my Nook (my e-reader of choice), and some on websites and blogs of self-published authors.

Why mention this? Maybe I was feeling today should be a book blogger confession post. In fact, you’ll be seeing a review for a self-published book soon. It was a book I enjoyed and was happy to find out recently that a sequel is in the works.

I have no problem supporting authors with my reading, be it those published through traditional publishing houses and those that have taken the self-publishing route. Writing is not an easy job but I want to support the ones I find entertaining by purchasing their books and will continue to do so as long as I enjoy their writing.

I’m absolutely sure somewhere in the publishing industry an editor has screamed out loud and would hate me for saying any of this but I see no reason not to say it. I talk about books, all types of books, and read a vast array of books. I’m not going to not talk about some just because the books are self-published.

Do you read self-published books? Thoughts on self-published books — good, bad , no opinion?