Republic of Thieves Read Along – 1

Read Along Week 1

The Republic of ThievesThe Republic of Thieves Read Along! You have no idea how excited I am for this. I’ve got a million things going on — traveling for work, taking a class on historical fiction, yoga, planning a vacation, and just remembering to breathe as I run from one thing to the next. But, I don’t care about any of that right now. Yay for this!

Dab of Darkness is hosting this week’s questions. If you want more info, want the schedule, and want to see who is hosting in the upcoming weeks, go to Little Red Reviewer.

Prologue through Intersect I is covered in this week’s reading.

1) We get to reminisce with several old friends in this section – Carlo, Galdo, Chains. How did you like this? Bitter sweet or happy dance?

Bitter sweet, with a side of happy dance. I loved all these characters in the previous books so it was nice to have them back, even if only for a short time. For some reason, I particularly missed Chains; it was nice to see him being fatherly to Locke, since he’s rockin the death bed right now.

2) Finally, the infamous Sabetha makes a physical appearance, albeit in Locke’s reminisces. What are your impressions? How do you think the romance, if there is to be one, will play out?

I think I like her, so far. Truthfully, I’m not sure what to think of her since she’s being filtered through Locke’s eyes, and, well, you know, he’s not always the best judge. How will a romance play out? Sad. It will end badly, sadly. I’m willing to hold out for a happy ending though. Any chance of that?! Yea, probably not, but I can go there, for Locke’s sake.

3) After trying absolutely everything to save Locke, Jean still won’t give up. What did you think of that little pep talk he gave Locke concerning Patience’s offer of healing?

This is why I like Jean — right to the point. And Locke listens. Jean needs to be all — we’re doing this so shut it more often. Of course, I’m with Locke on it being a bad idea to fix this election but it means he’ll be alive, and really, it’s not like he hasn’t gambled with his life before. Come to think of it, isn’t that where all the fun is for these two?

4) Locke has a few caveats to working for the Bondsmage. Wise or just Locke grasping for some control over his life? What would you ask Patience?

Grasping for control. I agree with him on wanting caveats though. Locke’s pretty good at seeing a few steps ahead and he needs that for this upcoming ploy.

I don’t know what I’d ask Patience. It would be something so boring and mundane — like what gifts I’m going to buy people for the holidays because I loathe shopping and thinking about what to buy people is torture — that she’d probably just leave the room.

5) At the end of this section, we see that all is not as Patience laid it out. How much do you think Patience knows of the plot to off Locke and Jean? Do you see it interfering in the rigged election?
Leave it to Locke and Jean to step in something like this. I have all the confidence they will somehow get out of it, when Sabetha shows up and gets them out of it. That can happen, right?!