The Republic of Thieves Read Along – 3

The Republic of ThievesThe third week, and knee deep in trouble. I love this series. 🙂

Lynn’s Book Blog is hosting this week’s questions.

The election competition.  Sabetha isn’t wasting any time throwing pranks at Locke and Jean.  Mostly it seemed fairly harmless, or at least not overly serious, until they were kidnapped and put onto a ship and taken out to sea.  What did you make of Sabetha’s latest plan? And what did you think about the way she executed it?

Well, give her credit, she thought ahead. The liquor license is sort of funny but annoying since they have to spend money to buy everyone off but, given time, I think Locke and Jean would have done something like that too. That kidnapping though wasn’t something one throws together in a few hours time. I think she should get extra credit here; she’s very good at the little details. But, it seems too easy to just get them out of the way; she seems too competitive for that kind of thing, so I’m slightly disappointed in her. Or, she’s actually that scared of what Locke and Jean can, and will, come up with. Or, she just wanted to see if they could get out of this mess and it was just to buy her more time.

During the escape overboard and Jean’s rather subtle nose dive into the water – I was curious about the lights Locke saw deep in the water when he was performing his rescue – Locke thought they looked different once he was under the waves which I suppose they would but he also had the feeling that he was being watched?  Do you think this relates back to the Eldren or some other presence?

I immediately went to the bondsmage when I read this but the Eldren make more sense. I really, really want to know how they fit in and the backstory there. The fires were both cool and creepy. I’m not convinced these are plain old fires, cuz, also, fire underwater doesn’t just happen. Maybe the ritual Patience performed has left him with some lingering side effects and he can now see things like this. Someone, tell me more!

Given that Locke hadn’t seen Sabetha for five years how did you think their first meeting together went (well, it wasn’t strictly speaking their first meeting of course – were you surprised that Jean and Locke hadn’t figured out that the woman pickpocket was Sabetha?) and also what did you make of Jean and Sabetha’s reaction to each other?

Ugh. My first thought when he bumped into the woman, “”No, no, check your pockets. Something just happened and why are you being so lazy!” No one just bumps into Locke unless he wants it to happen and while he wasn’t paying attention, he should have known something was up. Jean was late to this party too. I want to give them a break since they are playing catch up but this was too easy for Sabetha, which I’m sure is all the more reason for her to do it.

During the actual face to face meeting, I think Jean was right to be skeptical, and Locke should have been too, but he’s too caught up in the idea of her. Jean, oh Jean. He put up a good front but I think he knew Locke was too far gone for any logical arguing so he gave in. I think he’s hurting too much and doesn’t want to see them together anyway. Locke, well, he was just a dumbass; he falls for her so easily and she knew he’d do it all over again.

So, the gang have arrived in Espara and already the plans have gone wrong through no fault of their own!  Jail for a year plus lose a hand for slapping a noble?? What do you think of the justice system in Espara and how does this bode for the gang?

Slightly harsh to lose a hand over a fight, but you play by their rules when in their city. I did like the thinking, and collaboration, between Locke and Sabetha on getting Moncraine out of prison. Of course, if the two of them could find a way to work like this all the time, just think of what they could accomplish. I think Chains may have to help out in the end, or maybe Locke and Sabetha can work together long enough to keep everyone in one piece and out of jail for the time they’re there.

The acting company are finally coming together and we’re watching the gang as they try to read, act and grab the best parts – are you all ‘happy face’ with the whole theatre scenes or, sad face!  Also, I can’t help feeling like this whole storyline is a step out of character for the gang.  Any ideas of how it will play out??

I don’t see the point of this story line. I think I’m all sad face and I don’t know why. It just doesn’t fit for me. I get the training, and Chains wanted all of them out of his hair for a bit, and the need to get themselves out of trouble on their own is going to be a needed lesson for them, but a play? It doesn’t do much for me. I do love that’s where the title comes from though! I have faith this will all make sense in the end.

We are also being introduced to a number of new characters, particularly Moncraine and Boulidazi.  What are your first impressions of these two and the other new characters in the Company and any particular likes or dislikes so far?

Moncraine is interesting but he can get annoying fast and I see that being a source of tension. I’m also predicting he’s going to try and get in Sabetha’s pants and that’s when Locke is going to go all crazy. The boy got upset when someone else would be kissing her on stage!

Boulidazi, I’m not sure what to think of him yet. He’s obviously going to be trouble and I think he knows more than he’s letting on.

The rooftop scene and the apology.  How did it all go so wrong?  And how will Locke get out of this latest fix with Boulidazi?

Ok, give the boy a slight break — he tried. If he would only stop talking, his life would be so much easier. And, they all need to learn how to talk less because this is going to go to hell all so fast now. I’m starting to think Chains has a rather sinister reason for sending them there.


Republic of Thieves Read Along – 2

So, week 2! And, I did a really craptastic job of visiting other blogs in the first week of this read along. Thanks to work and it’s now second week of conference hell, I’m now in Las Vegas. I’m actually sitting in my room working with the promise of room service in the next 40 minutes or never, but, the good news, week 2 of the read along! Forgive me if I ramble this week; writing with no sleep. Yep, I take chances.

This week covers chapter 3 thru interlude “Bastards Abroad” and is being hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow. Go visit!

Blood And Breath And Water: Patience tells Locke that the ritual to save him is serious business. She wasn’t kidding… What did you make of this scene, and do you think any of it might (perhaps literally) come back to haunt Locke?

Um, he now sees dead people (what the hell Bug!). Locke bought in, thanks to Jean (go Jean!), and when his stubborness kicked in he finally, I think anyway, understood what he was in for and I don’t think he was truly ready. Of course, it was also nice to see he wasn’t ready to die yet either. Then again, who could be ready for something like that.

Patience is not one to mess around with, the woman can reign down hell on you in an all very real way. The body painting and dreamsteel were great elements to the ritual. She doesn’t play around. She told him she’d basically rip his soul apart and comes close. I’d like to think Locke learns a lesson out of all of this but…it’s Locke, so.

Orphan’s Moon: Back to the childhood of the Gentlemen Bastards, and here we get another ritual, this one in service to the Nameless Thirteenth. It looks as though it might be Locke vs. Sabetha, round two – but this time Locke seems to be a little slow on that uptake… Who do you think deserves to be given the final oath? Locke or Sabetha?

I think Sabatha thought it would be her. I think she thought she deserved it but maybe Chains wanted to take a chance on Locke and see what he would do with the opportunity. I think Chains has a soft spot for Locke and he wants him to step up and thought that if he gave him this chance, he might become everything that Chains wants him to be and thinks he can be.

Sabetha, I think, sees all of this going on. She see that Locke is the favorite, and without much work, and even if he has talent, she confident, smart, and her intuition tells her she needs to find a way around this bond between Locke and Chains or leave.

Poor Locke though. He really is helpless around Sabetha. He’s blinded by love and his own ability to be so stupid sometimes that he doesn’t see what’s going on, or maybe he can’t see it, or doesn’t want to see it. Or maybe Locke is just playing dumb in the hope that Sabetha won’t see that he’s worming his way into her spot in the gang and wants to take over and kick her out. Although, I don’t think what’s going on is intentional though, just the dynamics of the group are changing.

Um, I’m really tired and am starting to ramble. Move on to the next question. Please.

Across The Amathel: This chapter takes a breather for quite a bit of Eldren history, while Locke starts recovering. What do you think of the history lesson, and Patience’s ominous speculation regarding the Eldren? Is this something you’d like to know more about?

Locke needs to ask more questions. I want to know more. One of the reasons I like these books is sections like this one. I start getting comfortable with the world (in a very good way) and then Lynch goes and adds another layer. He builds new worlds inside one I thought I knew and was beginning to understand. They also happen to be a rather terrifying group of individuals. When can I have more? Please tell there will be more about this soon!

Striking Sparks: The gang’s off to Espara, after a bad summer and a pretty thorough dressing-down from Chains, and we finally get to the source of the book’s title – they’re bound for the stage! What are your thoughts on this latest ‘challenge’ and the reasons for it?

Yea, that many teenagers in the house — of course he sent them away! I kinda like it though. It’s the type of scheme they need to work out for themselves and I’m sure it’ll be an interesting play as well. If there happens to be one, that is.

The Five-Year Game: Starting Position: The election gets underway with a party (as you do) and before it’s even over, the Deep Roots party has problems – and not just thanks to Sabetha. What do you make of Nikoros and his unfortunate habit?

Ugh. I’m not surprised. Locke and Jean, well, nothing can be easy. It’ll be interesting to see how they get around this bit so it doesn’t cause problems for them but I’m not worried. I think this is going to a really interesting election.

Bastards Abroad: The gang arrives in Espara, and already they’ve got problems (nicely mirroring the Five Year Game!)… This aside, we’ve also seen some more of what seems to be eating at Sabetha. Do you sympathise with her, or is Locke right to be frustrated with her?

They’re both at fault. Sabetha thinks Locke should get it. Locke just wants to understand but Sabetha isn’t interested in explaining. I do understand why Sabetha is so frustrated though. Sadly, it’s not something that’s going to go away. Obviously, Locke isn’t going to get over her and I don’t know what she wants with him. Sometimes it seems as though she might like him, or at least have a brotherly love for him, and other times she probably wants to kill him for one too many reasons to name. I get that. Then again, Locke has every right to be frustrated and annoyed with her too. She strings him along a bit, gives him hope that there might be some far off chance (let’s face it, that’s all Locke needs to start scheming) but then doesn’t talk to him for several days. What’s the poor boy to think! Both of them need to tossed in lake right now.