The Sunday Salon – excited version

I have a habit (maybe it’s more of an unwritten rule) of not reading bestsellers. I’m always afraid I’ll fall in love with the book before I buy it only to have it disappoint me when I finally start it. I broke this rule recently. I bought 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami the day it came out. I desperately wanted to read it but I put it off for a bit not wanting to lug a 925 page book on a plane to Las Vegas. I decided to start it last week and have conquered exactly 125 of the 925 pages. Not much success for several days worth of reading. I not sure what it is but I’m having trouble getting into the story. There’s nothing wrong with it but I may have to put it aside and start it at another time. Maybe I’m craving something else…

Enter Star Trek. I have a series of Star Trek books. They’re short stories and read pretty much the same way an episode of Star Trek would play out on your TV. If you’re curious, Kirk and Spock are the same emotional wreck and cool analysis stereotypes. After staring wistfully at 1Q84 for hours yesterday, I started poking around the shelves and found Star Trek 7. I laughed my way through a few of the stories already and my reading groove seems to be slowly returning.

The last two weeks have been rather crazy in our house. I took off for a conference in Las Vegas at the end of October and as soon as I walked in the door, my husband left to board a plane for Phoenix. It’s been close to 15 days since we’ve been in the same city together. He gets home today. I’m excited. 🙂

And with that, I’m ending it here today. Happy Sunday.