The Sunday Salon – Slow

It’s been a slow week for me reading and reviewing. I spent the week reading The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen and started Captain Nemo by Kevin J. Anderson yesterday. I was planning to finish up some reviews this week but somewhere along the way that didn’t happen. Yesterday was a cold, rainy day that would’ve been perfect for typing up some reviews. I baked a pie instead.

Alita over at alita.reads posted the other day that she was taking part in a readathon this weekend and I commented that what I really need is the reviewathon she joked about. I hope she decides to host one. 🙂

Some fun stuff:

If you were hoping beyond hope to download a Potter ebook this year, be prepared to wait.  It’s been delayed.

A Game of Thrones and food choices.

The Great Gatsby and why we love it so.  This made me want to put this in the reread stack.

Happy Sunday.