Review – Silent on the Moor

Silent on the MoorI started this series with book five, I think. It was a few years ago so I’m fuzzy on details but I remember enjoying it immensely even though I knew very little of the characters. Based on that one book, I decided the series was worth a look and started at the beginning, like one should when they read a series. This is book two in the Lady Julia Grey series following Silent in the Grave, and if you happen to like your historical fiction tied up with a bit of romance, try these books.

Lady Julia Grey, once more far away from Nicholas Brisbane, takes off with her sister to his home in the country to get re-acquainted, and more. Things of course, aren’t what they seem at Brisbane’s Yorkshire home, Grimsgrave. The estate, old and moldy, is falling down and the once proud family that used to own it is more than strange. Julia, after snooping around, manages to get herself involved in a family mystery and let’s face it, sometimes things are better left unsaid. From there, everything goes downhill.

Can I just tell you how much I like Brisbane? He’s moody, slightly unpredictable, and well, hot and lovable. Yes, there’s a reason Julia becomes all unladylike in his presence. I don’t usually go for these sorts of things in books but I think I found my guilty pleasure and I don’t care. I want to read more of these and I will. Bring on book three, library!

Silent on the Moor

By Deanna Raybourn


ISBN: 9780778326144


Today’s Book – The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn

This is my first Lady Julia Grey book, and yes, it’s book five.  I’m not, absolutely not, the type of person to read books out of order and I kept meaning to get myself to the library to pick up the first in the series and then, obviously, I didn’t or I wouldn’t be here this morning talking about book five…  While browsing NetGalley, I saw this one and decided to jump in and live with the annoyances that come with starting a series late.

It’s been all good.  I read The Dead Travel Fast last year and liked it but everyone kept saying her Lady Julia Grey novels were the best.  I have to agree.  This is a fun read.  I was worried about missing backstory but there’s enough here to keep me from getting confused but it is making me want to read more of the series so maybe that trip to the library will happen after all.

I made an attempt to find a book trailer but one hasn’t been done for this book yet, however, I did find this December 2010 interview where she talks about the series.  It does focus on the book Dark Road to Darjeeling but she makes some interests comments about her work in general I thought it worth sharing.