Challenges or the I’m a miserable failure post

This week I decided I’d do a few wrap-up posts and I’m starting with challenges (my original list). I figured it would be an easy one since almost all attempts were botched this year.

So, jumping in, it’s the end of the year and I’ve failed at most of the reading challenges I entered this year. It was bound to happen. There are so many challenges and I always tend to over estimate what I’m capable of reading in a year. I kept signing up but somehow I didn’t keep reading.

The tally, here goes… In 2012, I managed to complete The Stephen King Project, reading more books than I thought I would thanks to a co-worker who gave me several of King’s books and got me started. For the Gender in SciFi Challenge, I managed only three of six. The Back to the Classics Challenge was even worse; of the nine on my list, I finished one and quit another. The Tea and Books Reading Challenge also had a pathetic showing; I was going to read four and only read one. In fact, I never even picked the fourth book for the challenge. For the BHA Book Club, which isn’t really a challenge but since I’m already adding up what I didn’t do I thought I throw it in, I read three books.

My personal re-reading challenge was also a bust — I had seven on my list and finished three. Since getting a Nook, I’ve started keeping track of the ebooks I read and this year I read 28 which is down from 36 the year before.

In general, I read less this year which shouldn’t make my failing challenges a big surprise. I know a lot of people who’ve stopped taking on challenges and maybe that’s why I haven’t seen many posts for 2013, that, and I’ve been ignoring all my feeds. I think what I’m going to do is continue my 2012 challenges into 2013 and finish out what’s on my list because there are some great books on that list. Also, I’m not going to feel any guilt about it. Books will get read in the end.

It’s your turn, did you finish any challenges this year? Feel free to gloat if you managed a ton.