Books & Movies – Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I saw this trailer yesterday and it made me think that some books do make better movies. I read Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter last year and it was okay. My review is here if you’re interested. Oddly, this book was bought by my husband who may have been thrown off by Abraham Lincoln in the title because, as far as I know, he doesn’t read anything with vampires in it.

Here’s the trailer. Planning to see it? Have you read the book or are you planning to read the book because of the movie?

Books & Movies – The Woman in Black

I read Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black in 2011 and enjoyed it immensely. My review is here. Tension filled and creepy, it’s a great book for a dark winter night. When I heard they would be making a movie, I worried because as with all good books, it could be ruined. After a look at the trailer, I think they may have captured some of what made me love the book.

Oh, yes, and that’s Daniel Radcliffe. Harry Potter no more.