Reviewathon. It’s so on!

So, on Sunday I noted (Ok, you should probably call it what it was, slight peer pressure?!) that Alita at alita.reads should host a reviewathon which I am so in need of right now. And, the great book blogger she is, decided to host after all! 🙂

So, here’s the deal:

1 – Sign up here.

2 – During October 14 – 16, write and schedule as many reviews as you can. It’s not the entire time; no one should chain themselves to the desk, just when you can participate.

3 – Post updates and encourage others. Twitter hashtag #reviewathon if you’re into that. (Side note: I have a Twitter account and haven’t used it, meaning I’ve never tweeted. Maybe, just maybe, this will be my weekend…)

4 – Check back with Alita on the 17th for a wrap-up.

So, my goals.

Type up reviews for (I have notes on most of these so not as crazy as it looks.):

Twilight of Avalon by Anna Elliot

The Last Days of Henry VIII by Robert Hutchinson

The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier

The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor

The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell

Fiction Noir: Thirteen Stories, An Anthology edited by Rick Tannenbaum

Captain Nemo by Kevin J. Anderson

I also plan to schedule a number of reviews too.

So, go sign up.


6 thoughts on “Reviewathon. It’s so on!

  1. Oh, it is so on. That was smart of you to take notes. I definitely don’t have any, and some of the books have already been returned to the library. So…. that will be fun.

    Yes yes yes come join us on twitter – all the cool kids are doing it 😉

    • Most of the ones I have notes on are library books but for a few I’m relying on memory. Not sure how that’s gonna go…

      Hmm, may have to see if I can find that twitter password after all!

  2. Hooray for all of y’all! I am feeling rather pleased with myself because I discovered the way not to be in review-debt was to make a to-do list every evening and put on it “Write two reviews”. Now I’m almost caught up! And do not (at least for now) need a reviewathon. However, since I know my newfound diligence will not last, I’m delighted this precedent is being set. 😀

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