Today’s Book – The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn

This is my first Lady Julia Grey book, and yes, it’s book five.  I’m not, absolutely not, the type of person to read books out of order and I kept meaning to get myself to the library to pick up the first in the series and then, obviously, I didn’t or I wouldn’t be here this morning talking about book five…  While browsing NetGalley, I saw this one and decided to jump in and live with the annoyances that come with starting a series late.

It’s been all good.  I read The Dead Travel Fast last year and liked it but everyone kept saying her Lady Julia Grey novels were the best.  I have to agree.  This is a fun read.  I was worried about missing backstory but there’s enough here to keep me from getting confused but it is making me want to read more of the series so maybe that trip to the library will happen after all.

I made an attempt to find a book trailer but one hasn’t been done for this book yet, however, I did find this December 2010 interview where she talks about the series.  It does focus on the book Dark Road to Darjeeling but she makes some interests comments about her work in general I thought it worth sharing.


6 thoughts on “Today’s Book – The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn

  1. I have this one on preorder and I’m looking forward to reading it! I’m looking forward to some good historical fiction reads this summer, and I’m thinking this might be one of them… definitely check out the other books in the series, the first, in my opinion, is the best, though the second book in the series has ghosts…

    • Ooo, ghosts. Love ghost! I wasn’t sure of this one at first because I was starting late in the series but I will be buying the others in this series and probably sooner than I care to admit.

    • I am reading Dark Equiry now. I have all books in the Series. I love them all! I have never been much of a mystery reader, but I do enjoy historical fiction set in England. I adore the characters in the Lady Julia Grey novels, and I am amazed at how Raybourn builds her characters. I look forward to watching all the March family, the servants, and Julia and Brisbane grow emotionally and personally through the series.

      Dark Equiry was a little slow getting going, I thought. It began with Julia and Brisbane being too tame around each other, but once they started off on an investigation, and Julia oversteps herself, then their invigorating banter starts going, along with the investigative action and some heated disagreements and disappointments. These two clearly love and invigorate one another, yet each of them has much to learn about the other. When Julia tells him” but I just want to be part of your life!” Brisbane replies: “Woman, you are my life!”

      I am only a few chapters in, and I am hooked. For those of you who haven’t read the previous novels, get them in order and read them slowly. They are wonderful. You don’t want to miss the character development throughout.

      • The character development is what I missed reading them out of order. I need to start at the beginning!

  2. I couldn’t knowingly read the fifth book in a series first! I did however love this book! It’s a great series that gets better and better with each book.

    • I was skeptical but I really wanted to read this series and convinced myself it would all be fine and it was! I loved it.

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