Today’s Book

The Red Wolf Conspiracy…I don’t think we were meant to be.  I’ve tried reading you twice now and really, there’s nothing wrong with you.  In fact, there are many things right with you that I’m beginning to believe it’s me.  Maybe I’m not in the mood for fantasy at this moment in time.  Epic adventure — perhaps I’m craving something on a small scale.  Conspiracies, war, a ship hundreds of years old on a journey with a child aboard who can read languages he doesn’t even know.  The possibilities were good, but alas, I think we need to go our separate ways for now.

Last night, I began The Mistress of Nothing by Kate Pullinger.  It’s historical fiction and seems to be sticking.  After all, maybe I was in the mood for something more historical rather than fantastical.  Who knows…

Reading anything good today?


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