The Sunday Salon – Short, Sweet, and Out

I’d heading out of town in less than 24 hours but did want to post something before I left.

1 – Happy Halloween!

2 – — Usually, the bad covers are funnier but there are some seriously beautiful covers on this site.  I’ve been know, on occasion, to buy a book based simply on the cover artwork and there are a few here that I’ve already added to my list.

3- Wrap-up.  I read:  Corrag by Susan Fletcher, Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, and started The Hard Way by Lee Child.  All good and interesting books but more about that next week when I have more time.

4 – My reading for the trip.  I decided to travel with my Nook so I could take several books and not have to worry about the suitcase being overweight. (It’s happened before; lesson learned.)  And the ones that made the cut: Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews, The House on Durrow Street by Galen Beckett, and The Lost City of Z by David Grann.  I also have some Jane Austen so I’m covered for several plane rides and a week at a conference.

I was planning to schedule a few posts but I’m quickly running out of time and that suitcase doesn’t seem to want to pack itself. I tried wishful thinking and envisioned a packed suitcase and both techniques failed me so that’s all I have time for this morning.  See you all next Sunday.  Happy reading.


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