Sunday Salon – A Little Library Loot & A Little of This and That

I skipped last week’s Sunday Salon to sleep late. I had a Friday Library Loot post in the works and decided to again sleep late. See a pattern? Yes, I like my sleep. This Sunday, I thought I’d clear up two posts in one so off we go.

First, the library loot.

The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner. I read The Thief a few months back and enjoyed it so on the library wait list I went for next two books in the series, The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia. Unfortunately, The King arrived before the Queen so I took it off my list and waited patiently for the Queen to arrive which she finally did this week. The thief, Gen, is back and this time he’ll be stealing a man, a queen, and some peace to make it a hat trick.

Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones. This is for the Diana Wynne Jones Week being hosted by Jenny at Jenny’s Books. It takes place August 1 – 7. I know I’m a bit early with my book but considering my luck with the library holds system, which is pretty much nada, I thought it best to put my request in early. I was planning to read Howl’s Moving Castle since that one has been on my list for eons but this one really caught my eye. Kids, boarding school, witchcraft…yes, it’s for me. I’m looking forward to cracking this one open.

Now, the this and that.

I tend to browse NPR online, mostly I listen in the car, but when I need a break I like to check out the books section and see what’s being talked about. Last week I found this – Killer Thrillers: Vote for the 100 Best Ever.

I’m not a thriller person. I do read them everyone once in a while but it’s not my genre of choice. I’m a historical fiction and fantasy type but I have a co-worker who is a fan and he’s been gracious enough to lend me a few. And I’ll admit that I have on my own gone out and bought a few because I find them to be great reads for plane rides since they have a tendency to suck you in which is a fabulous way to ignore the person clutching the seat next to you and asking the flight attendant for anything with vodka in it. (Is it just me or do other people have to sit next to people like this on planes? I have trouble thinking it’s just me…) Anyway, I thought some out there might find the list interesting. I haven’t read many on the list but did find a few to add to the list.

I Write Like. This is a website that analyses your writing style and tells you who you write like. I put in a few samples but haven’t had the chance yet to explore further. So who did it tell me I write like? Drum roll please…

James Joyce

David Foster Wallace

H.P. Lovecraft

Cory Doctrow

Ha! Yes, I laughed too. It’s good clean internet fun so have at it folks.

Well, that’s all for me this week. But one final thing — this week’s wrap-up. I read:

The Scarlet Contessa by Jeanne Kalogridis

The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea by Philip Hoare

I’m currently reading Kraken by China Miéville and it’s strange, downright weird, funny, and lovingly sarcastic. I have to admit that I might have found a new author to faun over.

Happy Sunday! If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic enjoy the air-conditioning.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – A Little Library Loot & A Little of This and That

  1. I read the first couple of Megan Whalen Turner books a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed them. It must nearly be time for me to read King.

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