A New Challenge of Sorts – Diana Wynne Jones Week

There are authors and books that we all have good intentions of reading but sometimes, for reasons completely unknown to us, we never get to them. For me, I’ve always meant to read Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. The book has lingered on my long list of books for, well, let’s be honest, forever. I have no idea why I never picked it up.

Jenny of Jenny’s Books is a huge fan of Jones and is hosting a Diana Wynne Jones Week August 1 – 7, 2010. To participate, one has to read one of Jones’s books and post a review during the week. Jenny has even been nice enough to post lists and descriptions of her books. You can find her lists here and here and here. My only problem, there maybe to many good ones to pick from…

I was going to read Howl’s Moving Castle — and still intend to —- but I have somehow managed to add a few more to the list:

Deep Secret

The Dark Lord of Derkholm

Power of Three

A Sudden Wild Magic

A Tough Guide to Fantasyland

Have you read any of her books? If so, any recommendations?

And, Jenny, if you’re out there, any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “A New Challenge of Sorts – Diana Wynne Jones Week

  1. I AM out there – you’ve picked a really good selection already. If you’re reading The Dark Lord of Derkholm, the sequel’s also a lot of fun, Year of the Griffin. Also Witch Week, which I didn’t mention on any of my lists. It’s bleaker than some of Jones’s other books – it’s a bunch of kids at a boarding school, and they live in a world where people still get burned as witches. And someone leaves a note for the teacher saying SOMEONE IN 6A IS A WITCH. It’s exciting and suspenseful.

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