The Sunday Salon – What a Week’s Worth of Thinking Gets Me

I spent all last week and a good portion of my Saturday thinking about writing this post. Honestly, I still don’t know what I’m going to talk about but stick with me.

First, I thought I would talk about challenges, do some sort of re-cap, see where I am but then thought, nope, don’t really want to do that. Although, I did manage to find enough guilt to get me to update my challenges page so that I actually do know where I stand even if I’m not planning to talk about it much. I’m not keeping it secret, it’s all posted here. I just don’t want to make a whole post out of it.

Then I thought I would talk about reading habits. I do this a lot — when I like a book I immediately go to the library website and see if any more books by that author are available and put them on hold. It’s a new hobby of mine to see how many authors I’ve repeatedly read in the last year. When I say I do this often, I mean it. I did it twice last week. But in the end, I didn’t feel I could talk about it for a whole post. This paragraph is probably sufficient. If you do this, leave a comment and let me know. I’d be curious to know if others out there find themselves doing this too. I also planned to talk about summer reading habits but then thought, meh. Not that either.

I also thought about a library post. I have a love hate relationship with my library. As with most things run by the DC government, the library has it’s faults but most of time I can be easily placated. For instance, I’ve had a book on hold for almost a year. I finally removed it from the list because each time I logged in to see if a particular book was available or to put something on hold, I saw it sitting there, lonely as could be just waiting and waiting and waiting. I gave up. I checked the delete box and away it went. Also, I’ve become annoyed with the holds system in general. I usually run to the library during the week when I can find a few minutes to sneak away from my office and pick up whatever holds have come in. The last time I stopped by, my promised books were not waiting for me. I was able to find one of the books on the shelf and also a few others (this is the part where I’m easily placated) but I was annoyed. Not annoyed I spent some extra time in the library, that’s a bonus and something I love to do, but I felt that the library promises but doesn’t always deliver. I also have some issues with the state of the books but I know funding has been severely cut this year and I’m happy the library remains open and free so I won’t complain about that one. Now, on to the library discussion where I’m easily placated — I always walk out with books! And, service for the most part is really good. People are always willing to help and answer questions. I’m happy leave to leave this discussion at that for now.

Cookbooks. I thought maybe I would write about cooking. I love to cook. I have many a book that has led me to re-consider a career change and see if I can make a go of it with my tried and true pizza recipe or the absolutely phenomenal chocolate cupcakes I make. (I don’t actually call the cupcakes by that name, one of my co-workers does. When she asked what I put in them I told her crack since she seems addicted to them.) I couldn’t get excited about talking about cookbooks though since I can’t say that I read them but more flip through them looking for ideas and pictures.

So, this is where all my thinking led me. To a long and, mostly babbling post.

Well, as a way to wrap this rambling post up, here’s what I read this week.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore which I really enjoyed.

I started The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart and it’s really wonderful.

I didn’t get the chance to post any reviews this week since I haven’t written any in a while but I cleared up some of my backlog this weekend and have several posts ready for next week.

My hubby is at a baseball game sweating today (It’s supposed to be 91 and there’s no shade at the stadium.) and I plan to spend some time cleaning up my blog with minimal interruptions and most importantly, air-conditioning. Ahhh….

Happy Sunday.


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – What a Week’s Worth of Thinking Gets Me

  1. I love rambling babbling posts! So. When you put a book on hold, does it not tell you WHERE the book is in the system? Our library lists all the libraries that currently hold it and tho I don’t get any idea where a book is pulled from when it arrives (until I read the stamp in the physical book), all the books I’ve ever requested are always waiting for me so I guess I must be happy that our system seems to be efficient. Sounds to me like your system isn’t dedicated to the hold process and that is sad. But they can’t be everything? – I have yet to meet the perfect library.

    • The website does list what locations hold copies of a book but other than that you get nada in terms of info. Most days the holds system works but lately it’s been slacking. I know they’re trying so I don’t want to be too harsh since I love being able to borrow so many books. 🙂

  2. That’s crazy you can’t find your holds when they’re shown as arrived! lol I thought about doing a post on my challenges too, but then I saw I had managed to fall behind on quite a few of them, so I’m being quiet for now. 😉

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