The Sunday Salon – Snowocalypse

I had a whole weekend of reading planned to keep me busy during the snow storm but didn’t do much reading at all. I have a few pages left in The Coral Thief by Rebecca Stott which I plan on finishing this morning but that was the extent of it this weekend.

The reason for the abandonment of my beloved books – SNOW! Yes, we got snow here in Washington, DC. About 20+ inches in the end. So instead of talking about books this Sunday, I’m going to share a few pictures from Snowocalypse 2010.

Friday night we decided to venture out for a short walk to a favorite neighborhood place.  This is a street in our neighborhood.  A real winter wonderland.

The best closing sign ever. 🙂

Saturday afternoon we took a walk downtown to see if we could get tickets to the Georgetown/Villanova basketball game.  Unfortunately, the game was sold out but we did get some good pics.  Thanks to the snow there are a ton of trees down all over the city.  This one on someone’s car.

The best way to get around on Saturday afternoon.

On the way home, we made a pass by the White House.  This picture was taken in Lafayette Square in front of the White House.

The best part of the day — snow ball fight in Dupont Circle!  About 2,000 people showed up to toss snow at each other.  So much fun!  Later we saw it on CNN and several people called to find out if we went.  Yep, we did.  🙂

Enjoy your Sunday!  I’m off to finish a book.


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – Snowocalypse

  1. I absolutely love the photos! Especially those of the benches, and the snowball fight in Dupont Circle. It looks like so much fun. (Oh, and the closing sign is priceless!)

  2. That storm brought us tons of rain – it is soggy here! Our son goes to school in Virginia and they shut down on Friday, but let students fill up the arena for the basketball game Saturday with or without a ticket.

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